State-Certified Welders providing Welding & Custom Fabrication

GSFA’s team of state-certified welders has extensive experience in welding truck frames, trailer frames, heavy equipment, and machinery frames. GSFA’s work is unsurpassed, whether the job is MIG or TIG— for aluminum, mild steel, high-tensile steel, and stainless steel.

A GSFA weld is so well knitted that it appears to be a part of the original material. It is crafted with a precision that can only be achieved by an experienced journeyman with skillful hand-eye coordination. Truckers who traverse the country can attest to the quality and reliability of a GSFA weld.

Custom Fabrication

Welding and custom fabrication go hand in hand, and GSFA’s welders have a wealth of experience in custom fabrication gained in the manufacturing arena. They know precisely how the trucking industry would benefit from any custom-fabricated piece. Once they understand exactly what the customer is looking to add or improve, they craft a piece that works perfectly for the desired application in the transport business.

Trailer Repairs

GSFA can do it all in trailer repairs—from putting on a new roof or doors, installing a whole skin on a trailer, repairing floors, vertical cross members, to installing fiberglass sheeting. The team is expert at custom trailer applications, which is a boon to customers who have their trucks serviced at GSFA. And they do it with the same exhaustive attention to detail that is the hallmark of every job done by Garden Spot Frame & Alignment.


To extend the life and improve the productivity of this trailer, GSFA’s technicians hand-crafted custom center partition gussets to connect the roof and strengthen it’s partition walls.

custom welding

OUR GSFA TEAM can do it all in trailer repairs—from a simple door replacement to the complete ground-up reconstruction of a trailer.

Custom Fabrication

SIMULTANEOUS REPAIRS being made to the lift-gate and trailer body of a transport vehicle. GSFA is unbeatable for fast turnaround time, which translates to minimal vehicle downtime.