Dedication. Skill. Experience.

Because of the very services that define GSFA, the company has become an industry leader in general truck repair & preventative maintenance.

GSFA’s steel-strong relationships with dealers and allied trucking businesses are the best indication of the quality and scope of services available at its Leola and Denver/Ephrata service centers. Fair pricing and ongoing investment in capital equipment and employee training are key to GSFA’s success.

GSFA technicians are the best in the business. Their maintenance and repair expertise on engine work, transmission repair, and air conditioning repair or replacement and all the complex systems of a modern truck—the jobs way beyond the oil change—are the backbone of the service. There are no shortcuts on precision, no compromises on safety.

GSFA provides meticulous record-keeping on every vehicle serviced. Compliance with Department of Transportation regulations can always be documented. That’s a valuable assurance for every operator, and an essential service in the event of a D.O.T. audit.

Satisfied truck owners from across the state and across the country offer incontrovertible proof of the scope and consistency of truck services available at Garden Spot Frame & Alignment garages. GSFA constantly outpaces and outperforms the competition. If the valve cover comes off the engine, knowledgeable customers want GSFA on the job.

inspection station

  • PA State Inspections: Our trained, certified staff will inspect your truck quickly and professionally.
  • Federal Annual Inspections: GSFA’s annual inspections are conducted in accordance with 49 CFR, Part 396.

For Repair & Preventative Maintenance call:
717-738-2461 (Denver/Ephrata – Just off exit 286 of the PA Turnpike) • 717-656-2366 (Leola) • 717-355-2404 (East Earl)

Repair and Maintenance Services Include:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • State inspection
  • Engine tune-up & rebuilding
  • Oil change (full service or express)
  • Electronic engine diagnostics & repair
  • Anti-lock brake repair
  • Clutch replacement
  • Transmission & drive axle repair & rebuilding
  • Axle ratio changes
  • Driveline & pinion angle adjustments
  • Fifth wheel adjustments & rebuilding
  • Power take-off installation & repair
  • Vibration & cab noise diagnostics & repair
  • Frame lengthening or shortening
  • Air system maintenance
  • Glass replacement
  • Custom accessories & light installation
  • Lift-gates & trailer repairs

Trouble-Shooting & Repair of:

  • Foundation brake
  • Electrical system
  • All OEM electronically controlled systems under one roof
  • Power steering
  • Engine brake
  • Cooling system
  • Air system
  • Suspension
  • Exhaust aftertreatment systems

Seasonal Services: