Fleet Maintenance Programs

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Fleet Maintenance Service & Repair
Fleet Maintenance Service & Repair
Garden Spot Fleet Maintenance

Custom Fleet Maintenance Programs

With years of experience and extensive expertise in servicing trucks and trailers from a broad range of manufacturers, GSFA will help you keep your fleet on the road and in safe, peak operating condition. We offer a wide variety of fleet maintenance programs to serve all of your service and repair needs all year long.

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We offer a wide variety of Fleet Maintenance Programs:

Truck Maintenance Program

GSFA offers two routine maintenance fleet options.

  • FULL SERVICE (37-point service checklist)
    A comprehensive package, based on our decades of experience, that addresses a full range of essential preventive truck maintenance services
  • SERVICE SPECIAL (9-point service checklist)
    An option for tight budgets and time frames

We will recommend when and how often your fleet should be serviced based on how you use your trucks and trailers, while incorporating manufacturers’ guidelines. You have the ultimate say, though, as we never lock you into paying for more than you want from us.

Garden Spot Fleet Maintenance

Trailer Service Program

18-point service checklist, for keeping trailers in safe and optimal working condition*

A/C Service Program

11-point service checklist, recommended for early spring to ensure driver comfort when summer turns up the heat

Winter Service Program

9-point service checklist, recommended for fall, to avoid potential electrical, fuel, and air system issues that freezing temperatures, ice, or snow may cause.

Garden Spot Fleet Maintenance

Contact us to learn more about how these programs can give you peace of mind while saving you money and time!

717-738-2461 (Denver/Ephrata) | 717-656-2366 (Leola) | 717-355-2404 (East Earl)

*The 18-point trailer maintenance program is designed for maintenance of most trailer chassis. We also offer light maintenance for refrigeration power units. Should you need more extensive repairs, we can refer you to a provider that specializes in refrigerated units.

Fleet Maintenance Service & Repair

What You Can Expect from Our Fleet Maintenance Services:

  • Full Range of Services and Repairs
    Get all of the services you need from one trusted source—provided at one of our convenient locations—to keep your fleet  of trucks and trailers up and running.
  • Plans Tailored to Your Needs
    Get a customized maintenance plan and schedule, tailored to how you use your fleet and suited to the recommendations for your trucks’ and trailers’ makes and models.
  • Proactive Maintenance
    Eliminate unwelcome surprises by preventing potential issues that could become costly and time-consuming problems.
  • Minimal Downtime
    Keep your fleet productive and running smoothly. Our maintenance plans help you steer clear of the financially devastating downtime that can happen if vehicles aren’t serviced adequately.
  • Exceptional Customer Service and Collaboration
    Experience the positive difference of working with a fleet maintenance partner who is vested in your profitability and ongoing success.
  • Warranty
    Feel confident in our commitment to your satisfaction and safety with GSFA’s unbeatable warranty, one of the most extensive warranty packages offered in the industry. Contact one of our service managers for full details.

Maximize Productivity, Profitability, and Safety with a GSFA Fleet Preventive Maintenance Plan

From medium-duty delivery trucks to heavy-duty over-the-road tractor trailers—no matter the size of your fleet—our team of experienced technicians is here to keep them running smoothly and profitably.

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