Air Conditioning Service

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Preventative Maintenance

A truck’s air conditioning system is one of its most important and complex systems. It’s also vitally important for driver comfort and long-haul productivity. That’s why we recommend annual air conditioning preventative maintenance to help you avoid costly repair work and decreased productivity.

In addition to servicing your A/C system maintenance needs, we’re also equipped to handle any required repairs as affordably and quickly as possible.

skilled mechanics

Skilled Mechanics

GSFA mechanics are factory trained skilled and experienced in complex air conditioning systems for all makes of trucks—heavy, medium, and light duty. They’re completely familiar with every part and every aspect of the job, and they are ASE and MACS 609 certified.  Equipped with the latest diagnostic software available, they can troubleshoot and find the root causes of mobile air conditioning system issues accurately and efficiently even in todays advanced computer controlled systems.

Choose From These

Truck Air Conditioning Service Options:

  • Thorough R-134a A/C Service: This service includes a total scrutiny by a GSFA mechanic. It will identify any problems that need correction.
  • Diagnostics & Repair of Electronically Controlled Systems.
  • R-134a A/C Inspection & Recharge: This service includes inspection, evacuation, and recharge of your system. It applies only to vehicles that contain R-134a refrigerant.
  • Repair & Recharge of Any Nonfunctioning System.

For Truck Air Conditioning Service Call:

717-738-2461 (Denver/Ephrata – Just off exit 286 of the PA Turnpike)

717-656-2366 (Leola)

717-355-2404 (East Earl, PA)