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Frame & Alignment


Since we opened our doors in 1978, Garden Spot Frame and Alignment has been dedicated to providing each and every customer with superior quality and unparalleled service. That commitment hasn’t changed over the years; it’s only grown stronger. For us, good is not enough. We strive to be the best. And it’s evident in everything we do, starting with our signature frame and alignment service.

Alignment Service

GSFA has an intricate understanding of how alignment affects a vehicle’s handling and performance. We can actually change the personality of any vehicle. By driving it before and after an alignment, we’re able to eliminate any problems and ensure every customer is 100% satisfied.

Our expertise in ride, handling and vibration are hallmarks of every GSFA alignment package.

First we examine, and if necessary, adjust the suspension height and level of each truck. Correct ride height and a level chassis are critical to a precision alignment. GSFA’s computerized process aligns to a geometric centerline determined from the four outside corners of the vehicle.

Our advanced equipment includes four fully computerized alignment racks elevated for technicians’ comfort, ease of movement and expanded productivity. GSFA goes beyond manufacturers‘ specifications, using very narrow specs honed over 40 years working with every make of truck in the industry. We make adjustments for road conditions as well as the application of the vehicle to be sure you receive the best possible handling. Period.

This accurate and rigorous fine-tuning has made GSFA a leader with dealers like Volvo, Mack, Peterbilt, Freightliner, and Kenworth … truck dealers who desire the narrowest margins possible.

THE END RESULT: less driver fatigue, longer-wearing tires, improved fuel efficiency and a truck that runs smoother and offers the best handling possible.

Frame & Alignment

Frame Service

GSFA’s frame-straightening expertise is second to none. That includes truck frames, trailer frames, suspensions of all types, heavy equipment, and agricultural and industrial equipment. We also straighten bent axles, with the added capability of correcting camber and toe on an axle without replacing the axle. GSFA is unbeatable for fast turnaround time, which translates to minimal vehicle downtime. And the extensive warranty package provided by GSFA is the best in the industry.

  • Huck Fastening System

GSFA's Huck Fastening SystemGSFA is proud to add the Huck Fastening System to our advanced line of frame equipment. Now our professionally trained mechanics can smoothly and effortlessly service trucks with high-performance Huck bolts. These fasteners ensure that frame rails and cross members will maintain their strength and integrity without compromising or stressing the components. We can also retro fit your trucks with durable, dependable Huck bolts to improve safety and longevity while lowering your maintenance costs.

  • Blackhawk Frame Rack

GSFA’s 53 ft. Blackhawk frame rack is capable of twisting and bending anything into shape, in half the time other shops may take, thanks to skilled technicians who have spent more than 40 years working with this piece of equipment.

Frame & Alignment

Customer Service
GSFA’S Customer Service Staff

Our Customer Service Staff can help when repairs are needed after an accident.

Customers who require frame work following an accident will benefit from the wealth of experience GSFA’s staff members have with the paperwork required. They can get customers through the process of submitting estimates, dealing with insurance adjusters, and following through on approvals. Typically, the damaged truck is towed to GSFA. The frame is straightened, the chassis is aligned, any engine damage is repaired, and the air conditioning is restored to working order. The vehicle can then be driven to the body shop.

The extensive warranty package provided with each GSFA repair is better than any in the industry.

For Frame & Alignment Service:

717-738-2461 (Denver/Ephrata – Just off exit 286 of the PA Turnpike)