Drive Shaft Dual Plane Multi-Shaft Balancer

At GSFA, our ongoing commitment to perfection means we’re always looking for ways to improve driver comfort and reduce downtime. This is why we use the industry-leading Hines DL 500 Dual Plane Multi-Shaft Balancer with Optical Straightener for our drive shaft services. Custom built to our specifications, the low-speed DL 500 delivers fast, accurate, two-plane drive shaft balancing with consistent, repeatable results. Because it spins a driveshaft at lower speeds, this machine minimizes the effects of centrifugal force on part clearances to produce a far more precise measure of true centerline balance. The machine is so accurate it can detect the slightest inconsistencies, allowing us to rebalance and straighten drive shafts and multi-shaft assemblies up to 16’ long to within or better than factory tolerances.

The optical straightener references off the drive shaft’s optical centerline rather than the outer tube diameter, offering a whole new level of precision, accuracy and consistency. As the only shop in the area using this technology, GSFA can help you reduce costly wear and tear to your trucks, minimize downtime and maintenance costs, and improve driver comfort and retention.

GSFA offers a complete line of driveline and drive shaft services for:

Light, medium & heavy-duty trucks, high performance cars, racecars, pick-ups, street rods, 4-wheel drives, RV’s, specialty equipment, custom drive shafts for raised or lowered suspensions, and PTO drive shafts.

Expect only the best from GSFA:

  • Proven reliability and performance
  • Manufacturing of drive shafts to within 5 thousandths of an inch at the yoke ends and 10 thousandths of an inch mid-tube
  • Computer balancing by the gram (1/28 of an ounce), unparalleled accuracy within the industry
  • Computer balancing of shafts as a complete assembly
  • Help with troubleshooting and correcting driveline angle and phasing problems
  • Highest quality components, precisely assembled and accurately straightened and balanced to ensure maximum component life and trouble-free operation
  • Unconditional guarantee on all workmanship
  • Fast turnaround, less downtime for your vehicle, and free estimates.

Genuine Spicer® Parts

SpicerGSFA services and inventories a complete line of Genuine Spicer® driveshaft products:
Yokes, tubes, PTO drive shaft parts, carrier bearings, universal joints, constant velocity joints, u-bolt kits, and boot assemblies.

Only Genuine Spicer parts are manufactured to the exact OEM standards set forth by DANA, the global leader in driveline components.

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