What we’re known for at Garden Spot Frame & Alignment, more than any other area truck garage, is an unparalleled commitment to precision work. In order to help you reduce driver fatigue, enhance driver retention, reduce expensive wear and tear, and to help keep your trucks running smoothly and operating at peak performance, we now offer state-of-the-art precision Computerized Electronic Vibration Analysis.

Computerized Electronic Vibration Analysis

Using Eaton’s DVA 2.0 Plus, the industry’s best vibration diagnostics technology, we can quickly isolate the source of even the most hard-to-find vibrations. This new Computerized Electronic Vibration Analysis technology eliminates the costly trial and error normally associated with traditional methods of diagnosing vibration—which translates to lower expenses and less time in the shop.

Our highly skilled and fully trained technicians place fine-tuned sensors on strategic locations around the vehicle, then run it through various cycles of operation. The data we collect helps pinpoint and isolate vibration in wheel ends, engines, transmissions, clutch, driveshaft and other places that can’t be traced any other way. The system determines the source of vibration, then compares those measurements to what the driver feels in the cab. Eliminating guesswork in this way greatly reduces the cost of repairs, and puts an end to replacing random parts. When combined with our already proven Eaton Driveline Angle Analyzer, lead wheel end or equal tire balancing, and driveshaft fabrication and repair services, this service can help us quiet your vibration problems for good.

Vibration Analysis

To schedule an appointment, or to learn how our experienced technicians can diagnose and repair hard-to-find vibrations on your heavy duty truck, contact our Ephrata or Leola location.

For Computerized Electronic Vibration Analysis:
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