Case Study:

GSFA Driveline Balancing Services Resolve Troublesome Truck Vibration Issue

Truck Vibration Technology owner recommends GSFA for superior expertise and customer service

Truck dealerships across the United States and Canada contact Jesse Hamler for consultation on challenging truck vibration issues.  As the owner of Truck Vibration Technology, a business that sells and supports Eaton’s innovative Driveline Vibration Analyzer (DVA) tool, Hamler assists his customers in analyzing DVA data and troubleshooting tough-to-diagnose vibration problems. “I review and analyze DVA data from approximately 500 trucks each year,” said Hamler. “More than 50 percent of these vibration complaints are due to driveline imbalance or runout. Unfortunately, at least once a week, I encounter a case where a driveline balance shop is unsuccessful at resolving these issues. This ultimately results in a frustrating situation for dealers and their customers, as the original vibration complaint is either not resolved completely, or it actually gets worse.” Such was the case late last year when the dealership of a major truck manufacturer contacted Hamler to help assess a stubborn vibration issue. When a local balance shop could not identify the exact cause and fix the problem, he recommended the dealership send the truck’s drive shafts to Garden Spot Frame & Alignment. “In recent years, it has become more of a challenge to resolve driveline imbalance issues,” explained Hamler. “I consider Garden Spot Frame & Alignment to have gold standard service and capabilities, making them one of the top driveline balance facilities in the country, and that is why I recommend GSFA to my customers.”

In the recent case that Hamler referred to GSFA, the company’s balance shop technicians identified an underlying issue that evaded the other shop. After zeroing in on the cause, the techs were able to resolve the problem successfully using their balance shop expertise. “Garden Spot Frame & Alignment is very thorough and pays attention to detail, and I know I can rely on them for successful outcomes and quick turnarounds for driveline balancing,” shared Hamler. Hamler also stated, “In addition to having an exceptional balance shop, GSFA is one of the few independent truck garages in the country that utilizes the Eaton DVA tool, enabling them to provide comprehensive troubleshooting of customer vibration complaints.”