Cheaper. Faster. Better.

Symptoms of a worn axle eye—like loose kingpin, tire wear, or alignment problems—require immediate attention. But rather than sideline your vehicle for a costly axle replacement job, GSFA’s Axle Eye Repair offers a faster, less expensive alternative to conventional axle repair.

We’ll install pre-cut, pre-hardened axle sleeves without removing the axle. The whole process is completed in a couple hours, and you’ll drive away on an axle that’s better than the original.

Best of all, the cost is only 25% of a new axle, yet it gives you a long-lasting solution that reduces tire wear and improves alignment. And that means a smoother ride and easier steering for the long haul.

For added convenience, we’ll send our mobile unit to perform the repairs wherever you are.

Axle Eye Repair & Mobile Service call:
717-738-2461 (Denver/Ephrata – Just off exit 286 of the PA Turnpike)

axle eye repair