1978 - GSFA becomes incorporated and opens its first garage in Ephrata.

GSFA becomes incorporated and opens its first garage in Ephrata. As a frame and alignment shop, GSFA does an exceptional job, meeting the specific needs of individual truckers as well as fleet operators

1997 - Barry Simpson purchases GSFA.

Barry Simpson purchases GSFA. As president, he expands GSFA to a full-service truck garage. More and more customers come to rely on GSFA for our ability to ensure the highest levels of safety, comfort, fuel efficiency, and resulting profitability of each vehicle.

1999 - GSFA acquires Creek Hill Truck Services and opens a 2nd location in Leola.

GSFA acquires Creek Hill Truck Services and opens a 2nd location in Leola. To meet growing market demand, a second shop— in Leola, Lancaster County— is acquired in 1999.

2001 - Drive shaft building and repair added to GSFA’s signature services.

Drive shaft building and repair added to GSFA’s signature services. GSFA now builds, balances, and repairs over 40 shafts a month, usually turning each job around the same day, minimizing downtime.

2006 - GSFA now offers 24-hour, 7 days a week road service.

GSFA now offers 24-hour, 7 days a week road service. Recognizing a need for reliable road service in the area, GSFA puts a fully equipped service truck on the road in 2006.

2008 - GSFA’s 30th Anniversary

GSFA’s 30th anniversary: Three decades of unparalleled service and accountability. For 30 years, GSFA has built an excellent reputation on the strength of three attributes: • First-class workforce • Advanced equipment • Strategic location

2009 - GSFA includes a 2nd service truck.

GSFA includes a 2nd service truck. Due to the overwhelming success of our 24-hour road service, GSFA adds a 2nd fully equipped service truck. With two service trucks, GSFA’s 24-hour mobile road service is unbeatable for fast response and on-location repairs.

2009 - GSFA adds East Earl Truck Repair

GSFA adds East Earl Truck Repair and expands service to individual truckers. To further improve service and meet the specific needs of individual truckers, GSFA acquires East Earl Truck Repair.

2011 - GSFA enhances its capabilities with two new services.

GSFA enhances its capabilities with two new services: Axle Eye Repair—a safe, low-cost alternative to conventional axle repair—and Precision Flywheel Resurfacing

2012 - GSFA adds 24-hour Towing Service.

GSFA adds 24-hour. Towing Service. With its fleet of heavy-duty wreckers—including a new Tru-Hitch™ rig for pulling loaded trucks—available 24 hours a day, GSFA brings its proven reputation for quality service to you anywhere, anytime.

2014 - GSFA adds a 3rd fully equipped service truck.

GSFA’s fleet of service trucks are fully stocked with the most common break-down parts ready 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

2015 - GSFA expands Towing and Recovery Services.

The Lancaster towing headquarters at 203/205 Greenfield Road in Lancaster dramatically decreases GSFA’s response times for local authorities and Lancaster based customers. GSFA also adds a 65-ton rotator and a heavy- duty rollback to it’s fleet.

2015 - Derek Snyder and Andy McComsey become partners in the business.

GSFA names Derek Snyder (Operations Manager) and Andy McComsey (Service Director) partners in the company. In their expanded roles, they are responsible for setting the business’s strategic direction, maintaining its legacy of exceptional service, and keeping it on its path of continued success.

2018 - GSFA's 40th Anniversay

For over 40 years, Garden Spot Frame & Alignment Service, Inc. has been building its reputation on the strength of three attributes: first-class workforce, advanced training and equipment, and strategic locations.

Looking to the future, GSFA continues to strive to be the best in the business through superior service and customer commitment that is clearly a cut above the industry standards.

2018 - United Axle Service Center

As a service center of United Axle, GSFA now offers truck and trailer axle spindle repair and replacement services using United Axle’s innovative patented process and the first—and only—serviceable spindle.

GSFA adds a fully equipped United Axle mobile unit with master certified technicians.

2018 - GSFA now offers Computerized Electronic Vibration Analysis.

In order to help you reduce driver fatigue, enhance driver retention, reduce expensive wear and tear, and to help keep your trucks running smoothly and operating at peak performance, we now offer state-of-the-art precision Computerized Electronic Vibration Analysis.

2019 - GSFA new Accident Recovery & Support Unit reduces recovery time and costs.

GSFA’s new 28-foot Accident Recovery & Support Unit carries the essential equipment and supplies we need on the scene and enables us to haul away scene debris and spill control waste. This rugged unit safely hauls up to 9,800 pounds reducing recovery time and costs in the wake of accidents.

2019 - GSFA fleet of service trucks undergo upgrades to increase capabilities.

GSFA’s three Ford 550 service trucks are each equipped with a Reading utility storage box to carry an expanded inventory of tools for virtually any roadside issue.

2019 - GSFA now offers Exhaust Aftertreatment System Services and Repair.

GSFA’s fully trained technicians have an in-depth understanding of each exhaust aftertreatment system, and they have the electronic systems in place to update your vehicle’s software when new releases are launched.

2020 - Denver/Ephrata Location

On January 1, 2020, GSFA officially opens their brand-new 33,962 square-foot full service truck garage at 2275 North Reading Road, Denver, PA.

GSFA’s new building is more than double the size of the previous shops’ space and has 3 ½ acres of blacktop parking.

2020 - GSFA helps support first responders by adding a traffic control truck to its fleet.

GSFA’s addition of a dedicated traffic control truck to its fleet provides relief to first responders. It allows police and fire rescue teams to get much-needed breaks or to leave to respond to other emergency incidents.

TODAY - GSFA’s Executive Management Team looks to the future.

GSFA’s Executive Management Team looks to the future. Our Executive Management Team guides the strategic growth of the company. By not only looking inward, but also outward, they watch for future opportunities and new services that will enhance what GSFA offers to our customers, giving them a valuable competitive edge.

Garden Spot Frame & Alignment — A History of Unbeatable Service

Since 1978, Garden Spot Frame & Alignment (GSFA) has worked hard to build our reputation for excellence on the strength of three attributes: expert workmanship, advanced equipment, and strategic location.

As a small frame and alignment shop in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, we did an exceptional job of serving individual truckers and fleet operators. Word got around that nobody could straighten a bent frame or improve truck handling better than GSFA—and that we always stood behind our work. To this day, our highly-experienced technicians can quickly and accurately straighten any type of frame rail or bent axle. We’ve become experts on truck frames, trailer frames, suspensions of all types, heavy equipment, and agricultural and industrial equipment.

For us, good is never good enough. We strive to be the best. This commitment to dependability and driver comfort is evident in everything we do, starting with our signature frame and alignment service. We have an intricate understanding of how alignment affects your vehicle’s handling and performance. We drive your truck ourselves, both before and after an alignment, so we can know with 100% certainty that we’ve eliminated any problems. This expertise in ride, handling and vibration are hallmarks of every GSFA alignment package. In fact, our precision work can actually change the personality of any vehicle, resulting in the smoothest ride you’ve ever experienced.

Built to Serve

GFSA became a full-service truck garage when Barry Simpson took over the business in 1997. His vision and experience optimizing truck performance helped GSFA deliver the highest levels of safety, comfort, fuel efficiency and vehicle profitability.  To meet growing market demand, we opened a second shop in Leola, Lancaster County in 1999, a truck repair shop in East Earl, and a 24-hour Towing & Recovery Service & Storage yard in Lancaster. We further expanded with a drive shaft operation in 2001, and put our first fully-equipped service truck on the road in 2006.

We now build, balance and repair more than 40 driveshafts each month, usually turning each job around the same day, while balancing a shaft to within a few grams at each end—compared to other shops that often measure imbalance tolerances in ounces.

Our fleet of tow trucks—now numbering five heavy duty towing and recovery rigs—responds quickly to emergency calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And of course, our towing and recovery service is always backed by the resources of our full-service shops.

Why Choose GSFA?

To address each customer’s specific needs, GSFA has the following management team of full time employees at each of its locations:

  • Service Manager
  • Shop Foreman
  • Parts Manager
  • Service Writer/Secretary

Our commitment to keeping our mechanics up-to-date with training and certifications is unparalleled. With a full-time in-house trainer who is continually gathering and providing the latest training, techniques, software and most current service information to our team, we are able to constantly improve quality and service to our customers.

The extensive warranty package provided with each GSFA service is better than any in the industry. Some restrictions and exclusions apply. Contact us for full details.