Social Responsibility

As a company and as individuals, the people of Garden Spot Frame & Alignment (GSFA) recognize that doing business in a community comes with the responsibility of supporting and caring for that community. Our communities have supported us in many ways over the years, so it’s only fitting that we repay them in the form of volunteer service and financial support of community service organizations.

What we do to give back:

givingback_wsrmWater Street Ministries

When men, women, or women with children are down on their luck in Lancaster County, the Water Street Rescue Mission is there to help. Offering food, clothing, shelter, training and work opportunities for hundreds of people every year, this organization is a real life saver. They use big box trucks to transport donated goods, and those trucks get a lot of hard use. GSFA takes care of their fleet for free… so they can put that money into helping residents rather than repairing trucks.

If you have any questions about how you can help contribute or for more information about the Water Street Rescue Mission, visit

Volunteer Fire Companies and Ambulance Associations

The fire companies and ambulance associations that protect our communities are volunteer organizations, so in order for them to help us, we need to help them.

GSFA does its share with:

  • Cash donations
  • Items to be raffled off in fund-raisers
  • Free towing for first-responders in our area
  • Free Rescue & Recovery Training

    When lives and property are in danger, first responders rely heavily on their past practical training and skill certifications to ensure a positive outcome. Once these certifications are obtained, a volunteer will constantly practice and drill to maintain their proficiency.

    This is why the first responders of Lancaster County call upon Garden Spot Frame & Alignment Service, Inc. (GSFA) to assist in continued honing of these skills. We realize the importance of real-life training and using the appropriate simulators as part of the training scenario. We’ll set up a full-scale mockup of any emergency situation you can think of, including crash scenarios with an overturned tractor trailer, wrecked vehicles, simulated active fuel leaks and hazardous waste spills. In fact, we purchased our own tractor and several trailers to use specifically for training purposes. We also partner with several salvage yards to procure wrecked vehicles so that there will be no out of pocket expense to the volunteers.

    This free service is just one of the ways that GSFA supports the volunteer fire companies of Lancaster County. Fire company volunteers raise the funds needed for supplies to clean up fluid spills caused by vehicle accidents in order to protect the environment.  For these reasons we will replenish any spill control items the fire companies use on the scene, at no charge to them. We may also offer a cash donation to help offset the costs associated with a traffic incident that we are called to. We even offer traffic control for incidents lasting longer than several hours. Our ultimate goal while working side by side with our local police and fire heroes is to get them off the scene as quickly as possible while providing a superior service to the trucking industry.

    For more information, or to set up a training date, call or email Rob Sample at: 717-989-2487 or

Make-A-Wish Foundation® Mother’s Day Truck Convoygivingback_maw2

Granting wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions, the local Make-A-Wish Foundation office rolls out a Mother’s Day Truck Convoy every year to raise money. Hundreds of trucks of all types parade from Lancaster to Ephrata. GSFA helps by making a cash donation to the Make-A-Wish foundation each year.

If you have any questions about how you can help contribute or for more information about the Make-A-Wish Foundation, visit