Making Recycling Make Sense

Long before it became fashionable to go green, GSFA was doing the right thing by the environment. Our kind of business generates a lot of potential waste, so we’ve found ways to minimize it – and even benefit from it. We are continuously researching new ways to recycle and use new sustainable practices.

Heating with Waste Oil

GSFA drains thousands of gallons of oil from truck engines every year. That could be a big disposal problem, but we saw it as an opportunity. Today, every drop of waste oil is used as fuel to heat our facilities. Aside from being environmentally smart, it also cuts our heating bill dramatically.

Filter Disposal

Since its start, GSFA has made a commitment to properly dispose of every used filter in all of its garages. GSFA also records the disposal process of each those filters.

Used Anti-Freeze

Over 1000 gallons of anti-freeze is removed, recycled and properly documented each year at GSFA.

Solvent Solution

Like other shops, GSFA uses solvents to wash parts. Unlike other shops, we distill our solvents overnight to remove the sludge. We then use that unwanted sludge in our waste oil furnaces. Distilling our solvents every night gives us crystal clear, clean solvent daily, and fuel to heat our garages.

Heavy Metal Commitment

In a typical year, GSFA generates hundreds of tons of worn and broken metal parts and debris! Rather than just sending it off to the dump, we recycle every scrap.