24-Hour Towing & Recovery Service

717-823-8569 (Direct Line to On-Call Tow Man) | 717-738-2461 (Answering Service)

Truck 46, Truck 32, Truck 54
Truck 46, Truck 32, Truck 54

Truck 46, Truck 32, Truck 54

Truck 65 And Truck 61

Truck 65 and Truck 61

We offer 24-Hour Towing & Recovery Service for trucks involved in an accident, break down or load shift. Garden Spot Frame & Alignment’s expert towing services will get you back on the road as quickly as possible. And for much less than others in the industry. With our fleet of heavy-duty wreckers, including a new Tru-Hitch™ rig for pulling loaded trucks, GSFA is equipped to handle trucks of any size, from one-tons up to the heaviest incidents. More importantly, we’ve hired some of the best tow operators in the business —with more than 30 years of towing and recovery experience.

The GSFA Fleet

Our consists of a a 65-ton sliding rotator, 60-ton Tru-Hitch™ wrecker, two 35-ton wreckers, and a heavy-duty rollback. We have a 28-foot enclosed recovery trailer that hauls up to 9,800 pounds of equipment, supplies, scene debris, and spill control waste and multiple tractors that we use in our towing division and our repair businesses, as well.

Full Service Truck Garage – Free Storage

GFSA will tow your truck to any location you choose. We offer full storage capabilities at reasonable rates while you work with your insurance company to make the necessary arrangements.

Of course, as a full-service garage, GSFA can perform expert repairs and get you back on the road even faster. Plus, if we do the repairs, we’ll even waive any storage fees.

GSFA’s capabilities also include precision trailer jockeying services, either at our storage facilities or anywhere you need.

Damage-Free Guarantee

Like any reputable garage, GSFA is fully insured. More importantly, when we deliver your truck we guarantee it to be in the same condition as when it was picked up. That’s our Damage-Free Guarantee.

Towing & Recovery Services

  • Towing
  • Heavy-duty Wreck Recovery
  • Trailer Jockeying
  • Rollback Service
  • On-site Crane Work
  • Indoor and Outdoor Storage

717-823-8569 (Direct Line to On-Call Tow Man)
717-738-2461 (Answering Service)

Call us at either number for fast response and unbeatable service.

We accept the following methods of payment, on site and at our garages: Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®, Electronic Checks including but not limited to: ComCheks, T-Cheks, EFS TransChecks, and Corporate Business Checks


Towing & Recovery

Garden Spot Frame and Alignment has always delivered superior service at competitive pricing. Unlike some operators, we will never charge inflated prices during critical times of need. In fact, we strongly oppose such opportunistic price-gouging, and want you to know your rights.

If your vehicle is not blocking the roadway or does not pose a danger or hazard, you can choose the tow company. By choosing GSFA, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be treated fairly. We don’t price-gouge. Ever.

In addition, we won’t use pictures of your wrecked equipment in our advertising, or on social media. Those situations are between you and us, and we feel it is unprofessional and in poor taste to use your misfortune for our gain.

The GSFA Fleet

GSFA Fleet

TRUCK 32 -Model: 359 Peterbilt Carrying a 60 Ton Tru-Hitch

Truck 46

TRUCK 46 -Model: 378 Peterbilt with a 35 ton NRC Wrecker Body


TRUCK 54 -Model: 388 Peterbilt with a 35 ton Jerr-Dan Wrecker Body


TRUCK 61 – Model:  385 Peterbilt with a 28’ Ledwell Rollbed


TRUCK 65 -Model: 388 Peterbilt with an SR 50/65 NRC Sliding Rotator

24-hour towing and recovery

Accident Recovery & Support Unit -Our 28-foot Accident Recovery & Support Unit carries the essential equipment and supplies we need on the scene and enables us to haul away scene debris and spill control waste. This rugged unit safely hauls up to 9800 pounds reducing recovery time and costs in the wake of accidents.

Need Towing or Recovery Services?

717-823-8569 (Direct Line to On-Call Tow Man)

717-738-2461 (Answering Service)